Your class teacher will explain in detail the ClassMoto Web Application.

To participate in this Web App. you must first register HERE. Before you do that you must have a Lesson Code which your class teacher will give to you.

Students then need only to log into ClassMoto on any smart device or laptop at the beginning of class and select appropriate responses when asked for by your teacher.

  • Remember to bookmark the log-in page.
  • On logging in you will be presented with your Voting Page and will see three greyed out voting buttons as shown here:

    3 Faces grey

    When your teacher instructs you to vote the buttons will become active and can be tapped or clicked to register a vote.

    3 Faces grey

    After you have accepted the selected vote button there are three possible question options.

    1. No question. In which case you will be returned to the voting page.
    2. A question that requires you to respond with typed text. Keep the response brief; a single short paragraph.
    3. A multiple choice question. Select the answer you think is correct.

    After voting or answering questions you will be returned to the voting page. The buttons will be greyed out. The class teacher will indicate to you when next to vote.

    Further instructions are available on your Voting Page once you have logged in.

    For Teachers

    Full instructions are available after you log in.