About ClassMoto

Classmoto is a student motivation and comprehension tracking system, designed with the core principal of being as unobtrusive to teachers and students as possible.

Through Classmoto, teachers can receive instant feedback on their lesson as it is taught, displaying the results in easy to digest, quick glance graphs that allow teachers to quickly understand their students’ state of mind and make changes to their lesson to accommodate them on the fly.

By keeping the student and teacher experience as quick and simple as possible, Classmoto aims to fit into any lesson structure unobtrusively, allowing teachers to gather feedback during class without the need to modify lesson plans or break lesson flow.

Students need only log in to Classmoto on any smart device or laptop at the beginning of class and select appropriate responses when asked by their teacher.

For the teacher, viewing the information is just as easy, with all feedback, module by module, displayed on screen in easily understood graphs and lists.

The realtime feedback data is presented by overall course, individual lessons, sections within lessons and by individual participants. All data, for the whole course, is fully archived and detail can be viewed at any time. Graphs can be saved as images and used for reports, presentations and to monitor the results of changes and improvements to course and lesson structure.

Classmoto was designed by Euan Bonner, English Foreign Language lecturer at Kanda University of International Studies in Japan and Chihippo Creations founder, and Dr Hayo Reinders, Head of Education at Unitec Institute of Technology and Director of the doctoral programme at Anaheim University in the US.